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galvanized steel c purlin

Our steel purlins are roll-formed from Hi-Tensile Galvanised steel. They are primarily used to provide lightweight, economical, efficient roofing and cladding support systems for framed structures. Our hot dip galvanized c channels are available in a range of different sizes and configurations. As the galvanized steel c profiles are pre-punched in our factory, they are quick to install and suitable for both insulated and uninsulated roofs and walls. 

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Galvanized steel C purlins have equal flanges and may be used in single spans and unlapped continuous spans in multi-bay buildings. Their freestanding stable shape allows easy handling and storage and is easily adapted for use in small and medium sized buildings as structural framework.



Purlin Type: C purlin

Height: 80,100,120,140,160,180,200,220

Thickness: 1.0mm -- 3.0mm

Material: Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Sheet



   1,Industrial construction

   2,Hall and warehouse construction

   3,Extension construction and renovation

   4,Agricultural projects


Galvanized C Purlins can be pre-punched in our factory. This makes construction on-site faster and easier. Please contact us for additional information about the pre-punching possibilities.