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hot dip zinc coated steel sheet

Galvalume/Galfan products (GL) use cold rolled steel sheets with various strengths and thicknesses as the raw materials and are coated with aluminum (Al 55%), zinc (Zn 43.5%) and silicon (Si 1.5%) alloy. It possesses excellent anti-corrosion properties. Usage of GL coil/plates/sheets gi gl GL Infrastructure : Roofing; External Siding; Garage; Shutter Household Appliances :Oven; Air-Conditioning Ventilation System; Solar Water Heater; Electronics; Automobile : Mobile Muffler; Vent Pipe; Catalysis Converter Heater Shield; Bottom Accessories; Industrial Instrument : Electric Control Cabinet; Industrial Freezer Chest; Dispenser;

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The base plate of aluminum-zinc-silicon coated sheet is an alloy coating composed of 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon, and interfusing physical protection and high durability of Al and ZN’S eoectrochemical protection performance, the antiseptic ability of base plate is four to six times than that of galvanized sheet’s base plate on equivalent conditions, and it is an ideal material for roofs and external walls.