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Beautiful and comfotable prefab house

The all steel framing of steel frame prefab house provides true Green construction framing and is 100% recyclable. Steel framing is non-combustible; non-toxic and allergy free; and is termite, Insect and rodent resistant. When building with steel, you receive a safer and stronger product that will not contribute fuel to the spread of fire and is termite resistant.Enjoy the safety and environmental friendly advantages of steel frame prefab house.

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The all steel framing of steel frame prefab house provides true Green construction framing and is 100% recyclable. 
Steel framing is non-combustible; non-toxic and allergy free; and is termite, Insect and rodent resistant.  When building with steel, you receive a safer and stronger product that will not contribute fuel to the spread of fire and  is termite resistant.Enjoy the 
safety and environmental friendly advantages of steel frame prefab house.
Standard specification:
Base: Galvanized steel welded base frame.
Walls & Roof: 75mm external and 50mm internal.
Wall & Roof color: off-white & beige.
Flooring: 15mm plywood & PVC covering.
Windows: Aluminum frame with single glass sliding window.
Door: Aluminum frame with sandwich panel.
Technical Parameters:
1,Overall weight:50~60kg/sqm 
2,Seismic fortification intensity:8 grade 
3,Wind-proof capacity:wind speed 20m/s, resist 8 grade wind 
4,Floor loading capacity:150kg/sqm 
5,Roof loading capacity:60kg/sqm 
6,External wall bearing capacity:50kg/sqm
1, construction temporary quarters; 
2, construction temporary office; 
3, telecommunication's room; 
4, field temporary construction; 
5, other using temporary construction.