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corrugated roofing sheet

Models YX 26-205-828(1025), YX15-140-840, HV-470, YX-32-356 YX18-63.5-825, YX16-225-900, YX41-210-420, YX42-470 YX12-65-850(Arc-shaped tiles), YX10-113-910 YX35-125-750 (875), YX25-205-820 YX62-410-820, YX10-110-1100 YX66-394-788, YX68-360-760 820 arch, YX28-205-820(arc-shaped) 3. Color: All colors of the Ral color card 4. Panel length.: Less than 11.8m, considering transportation limits 5. Useful life: 30years

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Roof tile in nutshell
Strong and elegant
For new houses and old
Easy to assemble
Low weight
No risk of colors fading
Durability guaranteed
High quality and finish
More economic (low cost)

Color coated corrugated iron sheets
1. Sheet Thickness: 0.2-0.65mm
2. Sheet Height: 25mm
3. Sheet Spacing: 208mm
Detailed Product Description
Color Steel Plates
Galvanized steel sheet, PPGI /PPGL steel sheet
Galvanized steel sheet, PPGI /PPGL steel sheet
Plate thickness
Coating: PE, PVDF
Advantages: Easy installation
Reduced cost
High strength
Beautiful appearance